Thursday, April 26, 2012

Delectable Discovery: Kohlrabi

Photo Credit: The New York Times
I am always excited when I make a new (new for me, anyway) foodie discovery, especially when it involves a food that's both delectable and refreshing.  Such was the case during a recent business trip to Chicago, which included a fabulous and indulgent dinner with colleagues at The Publican, in Chi-town's Meat Packing District.  And it was there, while enjoying the vibrant energy and farmhouse fare, that I discovered kohlrabi.

Kohlrabi can be eaten raw or cooked, and my introduction to it was in the raw state, accented with little more than citrus acid to awaken its natural goodness.  Simple. Fresh. Goodness.  Not soon forgotten, I'm already looking forward to days to come when kohlrabi will surely make its mark in my salads, slaws, and more. 

I love sharing my discoveries with you and invite you to join me in exploring fresh and delicious takes on this quirky vegetable.  Also, let me know what's your latest foodie discovery.

Happy Eating!

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