Wednesday, March 6, 2013

{Delectable Discovery}: New Italian Pantry

I've had the pleasure of tasting my way through some parts of Italy, beginning North in Milan, and finishing South on the surreal Amalfi Coast, with stays in Venice, Florence and Rome along the way.  I know what it means to be captivated by a cuisine that is as exciting as it is decadent, and my love for the often surprisingly simple, yet layered and indulgent, flavors of Italy spurs me to recreate similar dishes in my own kitchen.  From homemade pizza to white bean soup to tiramisu, gelato, pasta and more, the tastes, smells--and memories--will always have a place in my home and cooking regimen.

Sooo...when I came across a certain food app recently, it didn't take long to realize that I had uncovered another gem in the world of Italian eats.  If you have a remote affinity for Italian cuisine, or are just curious to explore more, then Chef Sara Jenkins' New Italian Pantry app is one to have.

Beautifully designed around the essentials she keeps in her pantry (from the basics of extra-virgin olive oil and dried pastas to the more obscure of salt-packed capers and Aleppo chile pepper), you can gather featured recipes around the items you have in your pantry (love this!) or create a custom list based on what looks good at the market that day--or what your craving is saying to you (my normal). :)

Beyond a recipe app--and more akin to an Italian cookbook--it's another foray into the delicious tastes of Italy; tastes that I will always love to explore.

Happy Eating!

Tell Me: Do you use any food-related/cooking apps?


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