Tuesday, March 12, 2013

{How To} Making Preserved Lemons

My week is already off to a busy pace, but before too much time elapsed, I wanted to share a fun "cooking" project I undertook this past weekend: preserving lemons.  Not so much cooking, as it is assembly, it was the perfect little break in my full agenda to get me into the kitchen with one of my favorite ingredients.  The bright and fresh citrus was like Spring come early.

Preserved lemons are lemons pickled in salt and their own juices.  They are quick and easy enough to make and pack loads of scrumptious flavor once the pickling is complete.  After they're set up, then the "hard work" of waiting patiently for them to pickle over several weeks kicks in.  After that, you can feast on them for months to come, enjoying them in favorite recipes and even creating your own around this special ingredient.

I'm excited to have discovered the simple art of preserving lemons and imagine my pantry will never be absent of them again!  I was inspired by Food52 and followed their easy video tutorial to set up my beauties.  I hope you'll watch and then give it a go in your own kitchen.

Happy Eating!

Tell Me: Do you have any favorite pickling, canning or preserving recipes or techniques?


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