Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Madeleines with Lemon Curd and Raspberries

Sometimes procrastination can last for moments or days.  At other times, it can endure for...(gasp!) years.  Well, my intentions with the French tea cake/cookie of sorts, le Madeleine, fell to the latter end of the spectrum.  I had been planning to make them for what seemed like forever, even buying these several years ago to spur myself along.  But, alas, nothing, nada, caput.  At least until the burst of inspiration, that is, by now, my signature for abandoning myself to recipes and dishes I am compelled to make, entered the scene.  And then, I just had to bake them.

Beyond the light, cake-cookie texture and citrus undertone of these French delicacies, I was eager to make this recipe so I could adorn them with homemade lemon curd (so. good.) and fresh raspberries--for the ultimate sweet  (but not overly so) bite.  

Pleased with the results, I decided to add them to the menu of my first, Pop Up cooking class that launched this past weekend.  They were a hit, as I expected...but more about that in a future post. :)  The menu decision further compelled me to try and tweak several recipe variations before landing on my final version for the class and resulted in me baking madeleines like they were going out of style!  

I'm not one to keep something this good--and easy and fun--to myself, so today's post is serving up the first recipe I tried and loved.  Note: the measurements are slanted to the UK metric system, so plan on pulling out your kitchen scale for this one.  It's quite a forgiving recipe along those lines, however, so enjoy and... 
Happy Eating! 




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