Friday, March 13, 2015

{Be Inspired!}: Simple Pleasures

Photo Credit: The New York Times

I'll admit that I love the grand, OMG, wow moments that punctuate our lives.  But the reality is that those punctuation points are intermixed with the more tempered--and more frequent--normalcy of our everyday lives and routines.  Routine isn't a bad thing, however--especially when sprinkled (or showered) with simple pleasures. 

If you've never thought of simplicity and pleasure as likely bedfellows, I assure you they are.  A favorite song.  A talk with a good friend.  A thought-provoking read.  A motivating quote.  Fresh flowers.  An unforgettable meal.  A great dress or shoe sale. :)  A lingering sunset.  The list becomes virtually endless when I take the time to pause and reflect and embrace the joy of everyday living. 

So today's inspiration is all about sharing a few of the simple, but nonetheless special, pleasures that brought laughter, satiation, and the joie de vivre to my life this week.  

A new recipe for my weeknight repertoire --  I discovered a "fried" chicken like dish that came together on a sheet pan in my oven.  The results? Delicious crispy-skinned, moist chicken legs that are still as good the next day (without the added cleanup or calories of its fried counterpart.)   See the easy recipe, courtesy of New York Times, here.

Farm-to-table meets the runway at Paris Fashion Week -- It sounds strange, I know.  And it is.  Except that we're talking jokes and fun and the quirky approach Valentino lended to its Autumn-Winter '15 runway show this week.  I love fashion--and intermixed with a bit of Zoolander humor brought a welcomed laugh.  Lighten up with this fun video parody.  

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A birthday party for me! -- So, Anthropologie just happens to be one of my favorite stores for everything from home and kitchen decor, to clothing, jewelry and more; we go way back.  And I received a sweet surprise from them this week: an invitation to a birthday party for me (not a private party, but a party all the same!--a spring fashion show, sips and snacks, etc.).  So a little shopping and celebrating are in order for this March birthday girl.  

What are some of the simple pleasures that brighten your days?

May we all embrace more of them...along with Happy, Inspired Living!


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