Thursday, December 31, 2015

{In Case You Missed It}: 2015 Highlights

As I approach the end of another year (five years and running now for the blog), it has become clearer to me than ever that the love and sweat poured into D.M.R. Fine Foods is worth every ounce of effort.  Sharing my passions with you here and beyond, and getting to experience them in newer and more exciting ways during this past year, has made 2015 nothing short of phenomenal.  While you're always welcome (and encouraged) to devour the archives, I want to encapsulate the highlights that set 2015 apart for D.M.R. Fine Foods--and have us raring to go for an even greater 2016!

Where to start? There was no shortage of great recipes that made for a delicious year from start to finish.  Favorites included Rustic Strawberry Jam Crostini, Chilled Red Pepper Soup, Strawberry-Basil Sorbet, Buffalo Hot Wings, Crispy Flatbread Pizza, Raspberry-Ricotta Cake and so much more! Visit our recipes page to see them all.

Beyond my own cooking and baking forays, were equally delicious restaurant tastings and brand openings, food festivals, including the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival and perennial Taste of Atlanta Festival.  Not to mention the thrill of my award of dinner for two at the Beard House in NYC from the James Beard Foundation and a share of this post on their Instagram feed. Swoon!

And last, but certainly not least, was the continuation of my beloved Pop-Up Cooking School and Holiday Pop-Up Shop.  

I started the year with an enviable travel bucket list that combined long-standing favorites with new, yet to be seen, territory.  I'm elated to share that I made every place on the list (with an extra or two along the way)--with the exception of one due to a last minute downturn in weather.  You'll have to stick around in 2016 to learn which one that is because I won't let it get by me next year.   

What could be dreamier than starting my year in travel in Paris and London for a winter holiday?  It was followed by weekend getaways, R&R beach escapes, NYC, and finally Argentina and Uruguay.  Laden with beauty, great food, amazing people and cultures, adventure, shopping, art and more, as travel goes, it was phenomenal on all counts. I'll be sharing more in upcoming travel postcards, so wait to be inspired.

A passion of mine since seemingly forever (just ask my mom), I loved bringing more of myself to the blog on this front.  From beach style, to Labor Day garb, to New York Fashion Week(!!!), 2015 served up some truly memorable moments in fashion.

From interiors to dining alfresco to makeup and beauty to simple pleasures, there was no shortage of lifestyle inspiration in 2015.    

Beyond the festivals, restaurants, businesses and brands I was fortunate to work with this year, my collaborations as a contributing writer with Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine's For the Love of Food column and as a PopSugar Select Food member continued in full force.  I was also proud to add UPSCALE Magazine to the list as a contributor to their annual Luxury Hotel and Spa Guide in the June 2015 issue.

The biggest thrill of them all remains connecting with my readers, supporters and patrons through the blog, events, social media and beyond.  Thank you for the support and enthusiasm that makes it doubly fulfilling.  I hope you enjoyed all we had to share in 2015 and stay plugged in as the New Year unfolds.  (**Check out this quick video collage of some of the year's favorite moments.) 
Here's to the happiest of New Years--and may it be our best one yet!



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