Friday, January 15, 2016

{Put an Egg on It}: Recipes, Cooking Techniques & More!

Herbed Baked Eggs
Welcome to the wonderful world of eggs!  Boiled. Baked. Scrambled. Poached. Frittatas. Omelets. (Okay, by now you get the picture.)  The incredible, edible egg is indeed one versatile and mouth-watering star ingredient fueling some of our most delicious dreams. 

I, for one, have taken to incorporating them into my diet more since the new year debuted (the boiled variety is a favorite for protein-fueled breakfasts and snacking).  But did you ever consider that when it comes to preparing them, technique is involved?  Well, there is.  And today's post is dedicated to all the egg-noshing, technique, and etiquette savvy, that I can muster.  If you're like me, you'll soon be saying, 'put an egg on it!'. 

Recipes ~

Herbed Baked Eggs are one of my absolute favorite ways to indulge.  Easy, yet elegant, they're even great for entertaining (think brunch).  For more ways to indulge, here are 44 (yes, 44) additional recipes to keep your egg recipe rotation in high gear.

Technique ~ 

What every good cook needs, but admittedly sometimes lacks, is the skill to pull off the runny, poached egg, light and fluffy omelet, and immaculate golden yolk that boiled eggs are made of.  If that's someone you know ;), then help is here.  These tips and tricks will have your egg game strong before you can say, 'what's for breakfast?'.

Etiquette ~ 

And once all the "work" is done, all that's left is the eating, right?  Well, before you do, make sure you know exactly how to eat them.  My quick and fun dining tutorial will equip you in no time.

Now... on to Happy Eating!


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