Saturday, July 14, 2018

French Potato Salad

I've come a long way baby.

Let me explain.  Growing up, I had a very loose, slightly on, mostly off, relationship with potato salad.  And considering that most of the potato salad I came across at family meals, barbecue's, cookouts, and the like, contained their fair share of mayonnaise, I was simply not a fan.

It's never easy to convey why you don't take to a particular food--especially when it seems that most you know and come across are fans.  But there I was--the girl, now woman, with a distinct disdain for this favorite dish and its main dressing.  However, I'm fortunate that as my natural development continued, so did my palate's evolution, and I ultimately came to like--not love--traditional potato salad.  Nothing major, but I could handle a serving or two a few times a year.

And then I was given the gift of discovering what seemed to be a recipe created just for me and my fellow non-mayo cohorts: an herb-y, vinaigrette tossed, and beyond delicious, French Potato Salad.  Made of tender red and white potatoes, with accents of fresh herbs, a luscious champagne vinaigrette, and a few other flavorings of white wine, chicken stock and green onions, it's one of my favorite side dishes for any occasion and my definite go-to when I'm on potato salad duty.  It's a lighter, elegant spin on the classic American-style and suits me (and my taste buds) perfectly.

I brought it back to life in my kitchen recently for a family gathering, and let's just say the bowl was empty at the end of our time together (humble brag -:) ).  It serves up beautifully warm or at room temperature, making it extremely versatile and picnic friendly.  Make it for yourself and I'm certain you'll be coming back for more.

Happy Eating!

French Potato Salad >>> Get the recipe here!

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