Thursday, January 3, 2019

Welcome to a Very Good New Year

Happy New Year! I wrapped the year with a Caribbean getaway and I'm finally (slowly) emerging from my vacay state of mind and settling into a whole. new. year.  2019!  It's always amazing to take that in considering that it feels as if 2018 just began yesterday in some ways.

And what a year it was.  I experienced what was (for me) a supreme year of continued increase, growth, opportunity--and, yes, a couple of tough patches.  Still, the overarching theme, without question, was definitely God's favor and blessing--even in the uncomfortable places that required me to stretch, let go in some areas, and forge ahead with renewed strength. As my tradition has become, I'll be sharing a fuller recap of the highlights that made last year so special for me and D.M.R. Fine Foods, so stay tuned for an upcoming dedicated post!

In reflecting on the year gone by, I came across a post I shared here, in which I reasserted my faith and decision to have a very good year last year (and every year, to be honest)--before much time had elapsed and before much of the 'very goodness' had actually unfolded.  Because my mission with this brand is to share the good life in its many facets--and in the ways most meaningful to me--I wanted to share this with you to prime you for a very good year of your own this year.

I look forward to continuing to share my journey and passions with you as the year gets underway and, as always, thank you for support!

Here's to the happiest of New Years!

xo, Dawn

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