Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Foodie Vocabulary: Flavor Infusion

One of my personal joys in cooking is discovering a technique that totally elevates food and drink, giving big pay-off with minimal effort.  Enter: Infusion.  

The technique of infusing flavor into food is exciting to me--allowing for the building and layering of flavors that make the end results nothing short of wonderful.  From garlic oil to tarragon vinegar to cinnamon infused milk to vanilla cream to lemon syrup to seafood broth--all examples of flavor infusions--there's seemingly no end to the myriad ingredients that lend themselves to flavor enhancements through 

infusion.  Most often the result will be a subtle, yet even, flavor nuance, however you can increase the flavor intensity by allowing your ingredients to steep and immerse longer.  The longer the time of infusion, the stronger the flavor yield.  

To get you going on a flavor infusion journey of your own, I invite you try some of DMRFF's favorite "infused" recipes!  Enjoy--and let me know how you like to infuse added flavor into your dishes.

Happy Eating!

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