Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Ultimate Berry Trifle

"This is a showstopping dessert that practically makes itself." Those are the words used to introduce this dessert in Tyler Florence's cookbook, Tyler's Ultimate (a gem in my cookbook collection), setting the reader's expectations for a treat that is unforgettable.  And from the first time I made it years ago until now, I can attest that it's no exaggeration of terms.

My enthusiasm for this dessert, first and foremost, and as it is with all the recipes I return to again and again, is its absolute scrumptious taste.  Like in the mouth-watering, can't wait to take another bite kind.  A mixed berry trifle, it showcases three of Summer's star berries at their peak, and combined with luscious cake and lemon cream, every bite is a mingling of sweet and slightly tart flavors that sing in your mouth.  And I'm not exaggerating.

Another reason this dessert is so stellar is because of the ease with which it comes together.  Trifles lend themselves to an assembly of ingredients, without any heavy lifting.  And when it comes to producing a showstopping dessert, that's rare (and golden).  

Macerating the berries with a little sugar and lemon juice and whipping up sweetened cream and combining with lemon curd to make a scrumptious lemon cream is as complicated as it gets.  So, not complicated at all, really.  The result is a beautiful, layered medley of cream, cake and berries--the ultimate in good eats. 

Happy Eating!

Recipe: The Ultimate Berry Trifle

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