Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy Eating!

Where has the time gone? Sitting here this Christmas Eve morning it seems almost surreal that we are basically a week away from the start of a brand new year.  Since childhood, the Christmas season has always been my favorite.  Then it was more about the anticipation of what I was expecting to receive.  In my adult years, I am equally, if not more, thrilled by the joy that comes with what I give.  There are few things that compare to the jubilance of bringing a smile, acknowledgement, and blessing to the lives of others.

That being said, I also happen to relish the delicious fare and festive cheer that abounds more during the holiday season.  I wish you your own load of merry making in the ways that are most meaningful to you. 

And in case you're in need of last minute inspiration, we're always here to serve it up whether you're talking food, entertaining, travel or tradition.  There's no need to stress, when we've done the heavy lifting (well, maybe not heavy :)) for you.

Merry Christmas....and Happy Eating!


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