Tuesday, February 22, 2022

5 Essential Tips for Successful Solo Travel


Havana, Cuba

Solo travel can seem daunting for some, but let me assure you that it’s absolutely doable and fulfilling—when done right.  After traveling to four continents and numerous countries, cities and islands as a solo traveler, it’s fair to say that I know a little something about this often avoided way of exploring.

So if you never, or rarely, travel alone, I want to boost your confidence and savvy with five tips for a successful solo journey—because life’s too short to wait around.

1.  Research, research, research.  Although you can’t know everything about a destination before arrival, you can get a major head start by taking the time to research.  From lodging, to dining, to cultural outlets, nightlife, ground transportation, local customs and norms, and more, the more you know, the better.  Not into all that research? Let my travel company, Postcard Travel Boutique, do the heavy lifting for you.

2.  Document and share.  Once your itinerary comes together, be sure to share it with family and/or friends so that they can know your intended whereabouts and monitor your safe comings and goings. This also includes real-time updates and check-ins while navigating your destination(s).

3.  Seek out curated activities that will allow you to safely engage with others, while still enjoying what a destination has to offer.  Hosted tours and classes are really good avenues, among others.

4.  Go at your own pace. One of the biggest ‘wins’ of solo travel is being in complete control of what happens—and when.  Whether it’s sleeping in after a late night, or lingering longer over an art exhibition, there are no rules for enjoying your journey.

5.  Make lots of postcard memories!  And repeat.

I hope the possibilities of solo travel feel more in reach than ever before and that your solo travel confidence is boosted.  When you’re ready to go, go at the pace that feels right to you and keep these tips on hand for….

Happy Traveling!


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