Saturday, June 17, 2017

{Cooking for Dad}: A Father's Day Menu

There are few things that compare to the love, care, protection, guidance and affirmation that come from a father (or father-figure).  An undisputed daddy's girl, my father represented many "firsts" in my life.  He was my first love; the first man to affirm me and see the best in me; the first to lovingly foster the big dreams that he had for me.  And although he wasn't perfect, he was perfect for me.

Our earth story ended shortly before my 19th birthday, when he moved to heaven, but there isn't a day, or year, that goes by in which I'm not thinking of him, thankful for the love he gave to me, and wishing I still had him on this side of heaven with me.

If my dad were still here with me, I would prepare for him a meal fit for a king.  And as you prepare to cook for the special man (or men) in your life, this menu is all you need to make for a delicious and unforgettable meal:  Roasted Chicken and Vegetables, Rosemary Popovers, Arnold Palmer Special, and Cherry Upside Down Cake.  Now who wouldn't want that for dinner?! (No guy that I know. :))

So here's to a Happy Father's Day...and Happy Eating!

Arnold Palmer Special
Roasted Chicken and Vegetables
Rosemary Popovers
Cherry Upside Down Cake


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