Monday, April 30, 2018

{Tasting Summer}: 5 Top Summer Food Festivals

Summer, travel and food go together as few things do.  And when you’re talking taking in the myriad food festivals that abound during the Summer season, there never was a more perfect trifecta.  I can attest that there is rarely a more authentic way to take in a destination—whether you have one day, or one week, to spare—than through its local food culture. 

To get you going and plotting your next delicious foray, these top seasonal food festivals from around the country will leave you satiated in more ways than one. 

The Atlanta Food &Wine Festival – when you’re seeking down-home, yet sophisticated, tastes of the South in food and drink, there’s no better place to be.  This perennial favorite brings together the best chefs and food purveyors from across the South for an unforgettable three-day indulgence that will remind you of all the right reasons that life below the Mason-Dixon line is grand. 
(May 31- June 3, 2018;

Austin Ice Cream Festival – If you scream for ice cream, then imagine a one-day food festival dedicated to ice cream and more ice cream!  Test your ice cream eating skills with fun competitions, while feasting on confections from local creameries for the ultimate sweet indulgence. (June 23, 2018;

Seattle Street Food Festival – Coffee isn’t the only thing Seattle does well.  Try a food festival boasting food trucks, pop-up picnics and more from local emerging chefs! (July 7-8, 2018;

Taste of Chicago – Arriving on the heels of the 4th of July, the Taste of Chicago offers one more delectable reason to celebrate.  Food lovers convene on this long-standing Midwest favorite, hosted lakefront in Grant Park, and adorned by a magical skyline, to indulge in the best of classic Chicago eats (deep-dish pizza, anyone?) along with nightly live entertainment to keep the good vibes flowing. (July 11-15, 2018;

Maine Lobster Festival -- Imagine five days devoted to everything lobster! That's what's in store when you head to the annual Maine Lobster Festival. With fun and feasting in high gear, the acclaimed festival centers on celebrating local seafood.   
(August 1-5, 2018;

Wherever your foodie adventures lead this Summer, you’re sure to find... 

Happy Eating!

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