Monday, December 22, 2014

Link Love: Easy Holiday How-Tos

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

With Christmas only a few days away, it's safe to assume that most people have gathered and wrapped all of their gifts, planned their menu(s), and staked some time for creative and relaxing indulgences.  Yes?  No.

More likely than not (if you're like most of us--ahem), there's still more to do.  So to help get you (sanely) through the remaining days of planning and prepping, I'm sharing a few of my favorite "how-tos" for everything from simple finishing touches (read: how do I get my gift wrapping to pop?) to DIY bath and home indulgences, to one fabulous starter (or final) course to round out your holiday noshing.

So relax, breathe, indulge--and enjoy a Merry Christmas.

Soothing Bath Soaks
Transform your home bath into a spa-esque sanctuary with tub teas and let relaxation replace holiday stress. (Martha Stewart)  

By Candlelight
The warmth and glow of candles instantly set a mood for equal parts calm and indulgence--and when they're easy, homemade candles, what's not to love? (Eat Boutique)

    Put a Bow On It
If your gift wrapping skills need a boost, let the finishing touch of a perfectly-tied bow do the trick. (BuzzFeed Life)

Say Cheese
Arranging a cheese plate can be tricky--flavors, textures, etc., etc.  These tips for creating a perfect cheese plate will take away the guesswork and leave you with a delicious spread. (Martha Stewart)  

Blessings & Happy Eating!

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