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D.M.R. Fine Foods, The Blog, Celebrates 10 Years (Pt.3)

Soaking in my exceptional BHG Stylemaker Event in '18

Happy New Year! 

Without question, making it through 2020 was a feat--and one well worth celebrating. And before much more time in the new year elapses, I want to finalize my "blogiversary" celebration with this third installment covering the 2016-2019 years.

I hope you've enjoyed my walk down memory lane from the 2010-2012 and 2013-2015 installments and perhaps learned a bit more about me and what I've been up to on this front all of these years. Best of all, I hope you are inspired to stay connected with me in the days ahead because I like having you around. :)

In reflecting on the 2016-2019 years, they were years of continued momentum across many of the areas that had come to life and blossomed in the previous years, along with their own new noteworthy highlights.  So let's once again dive in--and enjoy!


My 2016 highlights included the likes of more amazing travel, the continuation of my Holiday Pop Up Shop, my For the Love of Food monthly food column in Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine (2011-2019), continued food and lifestyle media coverage, more sponsored brand campaigns, including Groupon and Warby Parker, as well as PopSugar, being featured in the Vinings Lifestyle Magazine, and taking in that exquisite night to remember at the James Beard House in NYC that I was awarded in 2015, and enjoying a celebration among celebrations at the Red Rooster Harlem Cookbook launch party!! 


My 2017 highlights reflect more amazing highs from my journey to date. From exceptional travel throughout the year, including another dynamic, hosted press trip to St. Croix in collaboration with United States Virgin Islands Tourism, it was another year for the travel books.

Beyond travel, the year brought on a new (and continuing) collaboration of epic proportions, with a cadre of fellow talented food bloggers, for a first of its kind Black History Month Virtual Potluck. It remains one of the key highlights of my blogging journey to date, as it gave more exposure and expression to our individual and collective voices, talents, stories and heritage, among each other, as well as on several renowned media platforms (including Food52, Blavity, Tasting Table, and more that would follow in the years to come.)   

My media footprint expanded(!!!)--to include television (a long-held dream of mine) via a series of holiday-themed segments on CBS46's, Atlanta Plugged In show, showcasing my recipes and entertaining tips, as well as a St. Croix travel radio segment that chronicled the best of the destination and travel planning tips, following my recent press trip earlier in the year.  

Continued collaborations, including existing and new media relations and social media campaigns, across more hotel, tourism, lifestyle and food brands, were definite highlights, along with more fashion media coverage for the Ragtrade Atlanta Fashion Week and Runway Show


My 2018 highlights included more thrilling moments and experiences across the food, travel, lifestyle and media fronts.  From continued collaborations (BHM Potluck, food and lifestyle media relations and campaigns, etc.) epic travel, more sharing via television segments, this time on NBC's hit Atlanta and Company show, along with more fashion and lifestyle goodness from Saks to the Global Runway Fashion Presentation hosted by the Atlanta Airport, I couldn't make it all up, if I tried. :)

2018 was also the year I experienced one of my biggest honors on my journey to date: being selected as a 2018 BHG Stylemaker by Better Homes and Gardens magazine!!! An honor indeed, by all accounts, with the coveted spots reserved for a select few on an annual basis, I couldn't have been more thrilled to have been recognized by such a renowned and exceptional publication--and to have been in the company of my fellow ah-mazing Stylemakers--for an unforgettable event in New York City! From the day I was notified and invited until the very last moment of the event, I was beyond thrilled. (I know I keep saying it: but dreams do come true!)


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, my 2019 highlights represented what was truly another phenomenal year.  As you might have guessed :), there was more epic travel (I added my fourth continent via Thailand and more new countries, states and cities to my footprint, as well as launching my own travel boutique), to more exceptional collaborations, media campaigns and recognition, across food, fashion, travel and lifestyle, including New York Fashion Week-adjacent media coverage at the MAN/WOMAN A/W 19 show, another phenomenal hosted press trip in collaboration with Arkansas Tourism, and a dream (to me) media collaboration with a long beloved brand, ESSENCE, among notable others.  

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my highlights always included my blog posts during the year, that were always done in tandem with every other amazing experience and opportunity throughout the years.  They can all be found in my archives section here on the blog, so feel free to indulge!

That brings us to the year we'll all never forget: 2020--and the actual culmination of my 10th blog anniversary, or "blogiversary", this past August.  So in keeping with my annual highlights tradition, I will dedicate a post to my 2020 highlights in very near future to conclude this memory bank/digital celebration of sorts. :)

I thank you for being here and being interested, engaged, supportive, connected and encouraging throughout my journey.  It has made it sweeter and all the more fulfilling--and I look forward to sharing more as the year unfolds. 

I wish you the best (healthiest, happiest, most fulfilling) year yet on your personal journey.

Happy Living!



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