Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Hotel Concierge: A Savvy Travelista's Best Ally

Hotel Life at Sanderson London
The hotel concierge.  Outdated?  Non-essential?  Think again.  A good hotel concierge is worth his or her weight in gold…and can become a Travelista’s best ally for making the most out of what your destination has to offer.

After check-in and settling into my digs, the concierge desk is typically one of my first stops for embarking on my travel adventures.  Not recommended to displace your own research, local foraging and adventure, a concierge, instead, can serve as an added resource in your travel arsenal.

The best concierges have an exceptional network and well-rounded grasp on the local area—from the best restaurants, to entertainment venues, to sporting events, shopping, local tours—or whatever it is that you have a desire to experience during your journey.
For instance, when I traveled to London for the first time, I knew that my first meal upon arrival would be fish and chips.  However, to ensure I was going to enjoy the best fish and chips London has to offer, I consulted my concierge and within minutes was on my way to experience an authentic and delicious meal—that didn’t disappoint.   Along with recommending places to nosh, concierges will usually make reservations for you and your party.  It works because there’s an obvious vested interested for all parties involved (you, the hotel brand and the restaurant) to ensure your experience is second-to-none.

Beyond dining options and assistance, concierges are great for helping to secure tickets to sporting and entertainment events.  This was a big bonus when I wanted to attend the French Open during one of my trips to Paris.  My wish became my concierge’s command—and the rest was history.  Hassle-free travel at its best, I like to say.

I also typically prefer to book local tours and excursion packages through the concierge desk, rather than in advance.  I find the additional “insider knowledge” that a concierge brings to guests to be a welcomed plus in choosing from the myriad choices presented by local operators.  There’s just something reassuring about having the input of someone who does it day in and day out.

If you’ve already mapped out the majority of your travel agenda and related details prior to arrival, a concierge can still be invaluable for assisting with the best driving and/or public transportation routes, private cars, maps and other lesser travel matters.  They’ve even been known to provide an umbrella when needed! 

In essence, a hotel concierge represents an extension of your travel savvy resources, which makes experiencing a destination in its fullness a true delight, without any extra heavy lifting.   So the next time your accommodations include a hotel stay, remember to keep your concierge top of mind and make the most of your newfound ally!

Happy Travels!

This article originally appeared on TravelistaTV.

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